2014 OC Fair | Summer Starts Here | Jul 11 - Aug 10

Costa Mesa, CA:

Free Entertainment

The application deadline for the 2014 OC Fair Community Entertainment was Monday, March 3, 2014. We are no longer accepting applications to perform or the wait list. Please check back in November for the 2015 OC Fair. If you have any questions, please email commenter@ocfair.com.

Baja Blues Bar & Restaurant

The Hula Girls - 07/11 – 07/13 (Evening)

Like a ‘32 Ford tearing through the International Marketplace in 1960 Honolulu, The Hula Girls have been busy preaching their self-described ‘hulabilly’ sounds all over Southern California. It’s the upright bass thumping of Mr. Christian Kessler, the dizzying drumming of Mr. Doug Sanbourn, the Gretsch guitar twangin’ of Mr. Spike Marble, and the smooth and haunting steel guitar from Mr. Kevin Bullat!

The Hula Girls
Ragdoll - 07/12 – 07/13 (Afternoon)

Ragdoll is a band that plays classic rock and blues. They specialize in high energy dance rock that gets everybody moving.

The Dogs - 07/16 – 07/20 (Evening)

The Dogs are a rock 'n' roll band. They don't play the hits; they play the other songs. Deep FM. Songs from your past.

Bill Magee - 07/19 – 07/20 (Afternoon)

Jimi Hendrix was playing as Jimmy James...when Willie (Bill) Magee met, befriended and eventually joined up with Hendrix to form the band "Jimmy James and the Flames." In 1967, Hendrix went to England, and Magee took his newly formed band, the "Kansas City Playboys" on a tour around Europe. Nowadays, Bill Magee is one of San Diego, California's busiest working musicians. He can be seen around the greater San Diego Area on a regular basis and throughout the Southwest and beyond!

The Originalites - 07/23 – 07/27

Total world domination is the only option for our species, a special kind of species known as the The Originalites, who's destiny is to travel through inter-galactic space and time in order to cure, heal and enlighten the souls of the universe via stupendous harmonious vibrations.

Phil Shane - 8/6 – 8/10

His rabid audiences, aged 21 – 81 howl with love! He’s a Lounge God!

Phil Shane
Selly - 08/09 – 08/10 (Afternoon)

Selly can be found around SoCal, at bars/restaurants, parties, and corporate gigs. He plays a little of everything...from 50's to today.



Dragon Knights - DAILY

Dragon Knights' combine circus and theater, performance and poetry, dream and technology. These unique stilt walkers and puppeteers wander through the ages and bring to life fairies, dragons and elves, buffoons and beasts,... but if you want to see them, better raise your eyes.

Dragon Knights

Russell Brothers Circus - DAILY

The Russell Brothers Family Fun Circus is a family-owned performance group offering OC Fairgoers an entertaining circus show complete with an actual big top. People of all ages will enjoy the father-son duo’s magic tricks, illusions, juggling acts, balancing feats, colorful clowns, performing birds and acrobatics.

Russell Brother Circus


Plaza Arts Stage


Peking Acrobats

Hold your breath as the Peking Acrobats push the boundaries of human possibility as they tumble, bend and balance on the Plaza Arts Stage.

Peking Acrobats

Mark Yuzuik

Comedy Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik is a crowd favorite at the Fair, he will leave you spell-bound with his daily shows on the Plaza Arts Stage.

Mark Yuzuik