Invention + play + experimentation = learning

Have you ever wondered how math can help you cook … or what causes a rainbow … or how baby chicks know when to hatch? Set a course for full STEAM ahead to Imaginology, where science, technology, engineering, art and math come alive in the most fun and exciting ways.

  • Explore

    STEAM-related hands-on exhibits

  • Discover

    careers in agriculture, science, technology and the arts

  • Connect

    with exhibitors who will provide activities and information about their organizations

At Imaginology, kids and their families will not only see a world of wonder, but can participate in a wide range of fun and educational hands-on activities designed to inspire and encourage academic and career exploration.

There’s something for everyone at Imaginology – preschoolers through high schoolers – and all are invited to showcase their talents in individual and group project competitions.

NOW ACCEPTING youth project entries for the 2018 Imaginology! 
Read the Competition Guide and enter before March 9.