Master Site Plan FAQ

Q: What is the status of the Master Site Plan?
A: The project has been put on hold by the board of directors.
Q: What is the goal of the 10-Year Master Site Plan?

A: To provide OC Fair & Event Center with clear direction on how to develop the property and facilities to meet the needs of the association and the community over the next 10 years and beyond.

Q: Why is this being done now?

A: Grounds and facilities are in need of updating and OCFEC leadership wanted to take a strategic approach in determining what to do in light of how the property will be used. 

Q: Speaking of strategic, isn’t there a strategic plan in the works? How is this different?

A: Yes, work is under way on a five-year Strategic Business Plan that will help set a path for how the OCFEC business is run. The Master Site Plan focuses on the grounds and buildings.

Q: Who will have a say in what is in the final Master Site Plan?

A: There were six key stakeholder groups: 1) The board of directors and public; 2) OCFEC community partners such as the City of Costa Mesa, Vanguard University and OCC; 3) On-grounds partners such as Spectra and the OC Wine Society;  4) Facility users such as OC Fair Preservation Society, OC Fair Equestrian Center and Orange County Market Place; 5) OCFEC staff; 6) Community and neighbors. The board of directors will make the final determination.

Q: What did those groups recommend?

A: The reports from the meetings are posted online and are accessible to everyone.

Q: How has the community been able to give input?

A: Two public meetings were held and there was an online form available for anyone to make comments.

Q: Who is overseeing this process?

A: OCFEC executive management and a board of directors committee have contracted with Johnson Consulting, HPI Architecture and SWA Consulting Engineers. These groups are conducting the meetings and workshops and developing potential designs for the property for presentation to management and the board of directors. Early working drafts concepts have been created to facilitate discussion.

Q: What do those concepts look like?

A: They are posted online

Q: Does the Board of Directors have to choose between these three concepts?

A: No. The final Master Site Plan will be a phased plan laid out over the 10 years using information from workshops. A final plan will not be fully adopted until the California Environment Quality Act process is completed along with any changes based on environmental impact reports.

Q: Do any of the concepts include a convention center?

A: No.

Q: How will any changes to the property and the facilities be financed?

A: A combination of funds such as proceeds from the annual OC Fair and other events. Over the course of the Master Site Plan project, cost projections will be reviewed on an annual basis and budgets will be recommended and approved. It is not known at this time if over the life of the project if third-party financing will be required.