The Beatles vs The Stones – Sgt Pepper and Jumping Jack Flash

July 23, 2023, at 8:15 p.m.

Featuring the most thrilling battle-of-the-bands that could ever be, BEATLES vs STONES goes toe-to-toe with the biggest hits from the two greatest musical groups of all time! Who will win? Perhaps the black-suited Beatle-band Sgt. Pepper performing the songs that captivated the world on the Ed Sullivan Show? Other fans certainly might vote for the Sgt. Pepper-clad band performing “A Day In The Life.”

Or will it be Stones band Jumping Jack Flash, resplendent in their 60’s mod finery performing the song of the same name? Who will win? The audience wins as BEATLES vs STONES takes them back in time to re-live the greatest musical moments of their lives!

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