For 125 years artists, craftspeople, farmers and youth have entered competitions at the OC Fair. In 2014, the spirit of competition is alive and strong in Orange County.


Tradition and heritage are held in high regard at the OC Fair. Additionally, exhibitors of all ages are challenged to embrace and apply the creative benefits of new technology and media. This blend will ensure the competitive programs remain vital and relevant, continually raising the bar and setting new standards of excellence.


Submit your best into the most anticipated and esteemed showcase of Orange County and come share your passion and talents with the community.

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Important Dates
  • 2014 OC Fair | Summer Starts Here
    July 11 - August 10
  • Entry Delivery Dates
    July 29 10am - 1pm
    Table Settings 2nd Show

    July 22,29 Aug. 5, 7 - 7-9:30 am
    Fruit & Vegetable Competitions

    July 22,29 Aug. 5, 7 - 7-9:30 am
    Container Plant Competitions

    July 22,29 Aug. 5, 7 - 7-9:30 am
    Fresh Arrangement Competitions
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