You're invited to join the OC Fair as we celebrate the spirit, tradition and heritage of being OC's Fair since 1890. A county fair wouldn't be complete without the competition pies, quilts, paintings and giant pumpkins. Every year at the OC Fair, the community's gardeners, bakers and artisans of all ages and types come together to share their talents with more than one million Fair-goers. Enter into a competition to win a coveted blue ribbon or visit one of the OC Fair's competitive galleries and witness the spirit of competition that is alive and thriving in Orange County.


Entry Deadlines

24... Olive Oil (2p)
05... Homebrew
06... Commercial Wine
22... Home Wine
01... Visual Arts (6p)
Crafts & Hobbies (6p)
Woodworking (6p)
Kids Explorium (6p)
01... Photo Shoot Out (Until Full)
02... Livestock
12... Preserved Food & Liqueur
28... Sugar Arts & Confections
Table Settings - 1st Show
05... Cookies, Bars & Brownies
12... Dry & Silk Arrangements (2p)
Garden & Floral (2p)
Honey Contest (2p)
13... Cakes & Cupcakes
17... Garden & Floral (2p)
19... Table Settings – 2nd Show
Sweet as Honey Contest
Pies, Cheesecakes & Breads
24... Garden & Floral (2p)
Plein Air at the Fair Contest
25... Amateur Floral Design Contest (2p)
26... Sensational Salsa Contest
31... Garden & Floral (2p)
01... Open Floral Design Contest (2p)
02... SPAM contest
07... Garden & Floral (2p)

Entry Delivery

24... Olive Oil (2p) (mail-ins accepted)
April 01-May 06... Commercial Wine
April 14-May 22... Home Wine
April 28-May 15... Homebrew
20... Preserved Food & Liqueur (7a- Noon)
24... Visual Arts (8a-6p)
Crafts & Hobbies (8a-6p)
Kids Explorium (8a-6p)
06... Woodworking (8a-6p)
Honey Culinary Contest
(mail-ins accepted)
11... Sugar Arts & Confections (7a- Noon)
Table Settings 1st Show (10:30a-1:30p)
12... Cookies, Bars & Brownies (7a- Noon)
13... Dry & Silk Arrangements (7-9:30a)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
18... Cakes & Cupcakes (7a- Noon)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
22... Sweet as Honey Contest (11a-Noon)
23... Photo Shoot Out (11a)
25... Pies, Cheesecakes & Breads (7a- Noon)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
29... Sensational Salsa Contest
(11a- Noon)
Amateur Floral Design Contest (4:30p)
01... Table Settings - 2nd Show (10:30a-1:30p)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
05... SPAM Contest (11a- Noon)
Plein Air at the Fair Contest (10a-4p)
Open Floral Design Contest (4:30p)
08... Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)

Entry Pickup

18... Dry & Silk Arrangements (7-9:30a)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
25... Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
01... Table Settings - 1st Show (7-10a)
Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
08... Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
14... Garden & Floral (7-9:30a)
15... Visual Arts (7a-7p)
Crafts & Hobbies (7a-7p)
Woodworking (7a-7p)
Kids Explorium (7a-7p)
Sugar Arts (7a-7p)
Table Settings (7a-7p)

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