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OC Fair Equal Access Guide

This guide provides an overview of the services and facilities we offer to our patrons with disabilities and special accessibility needs during the annual OC Fair. If you have any questions, please contact Guest Services and our staff will be happy to help you.


At the OC Fair, we diligently seek to provide access for all visitors. We actively try to increase the ease of access for patrons with disabilities throughout the Fair property. Each admission gate has at least one accessible ticket booth. Exhibit halls, entertainment venues, and vendors are accessible to patrons who use wheelchairs. Our staff and the Carnival Guest Relations office are happy to answer questions about access. Please do not hesitate to ask a staff member for assistance. Some patrons may be concerned that they are unable to stand and wait in lines for long periods. During the annual OC Fair, we recommend using a wheelchair available for rent at all admission gates.

Carnival Rides

California State Law requires that carnival owners enforce manufacturer ride participation restrictions such as age and height limitations. These are clearly marked at each ride entrance. Each person who desires to participate at an activity should evaluate their own health condition and the thrills and risks that they are willing to assume. No person should participate in any recreational activity unless they feel confident that they have the ability to meet the posted attraction requirements. We take seriously our role to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all that attend the Fair. Safety is our first concern. We also want that all who feel capable of enjoying on the rides and other attractions be given equal opportunity depending upon their own interests and capabilities.

Our staff and the other independent vendors staffs, including the carnival ride staff, are happy to help you with advice on specific access to any special ride. They cannot make decisions for you, as no one knows your health conditions better than you do. They are not permitted to lift a patron into or out of a ride, nor can they waive posted ride rules, which are required by California State Law.


Accessible seats in the Pacific Amphitheatre, The Hangar and Action Sports Arena are available through the Box Office, Ticketmaster.com or by calling (800) 745-3000. For shows not requiring a reserved seat, Security staff will gladly assist you.

ADA Ticket Fraud

ADA ticket fraud includes, but is not limited to, the misrepresentation of a disability. Management reserves the right to take appropriate action regarding misrepresentation, which may result in relocation, revocation of tickets or ejection.

Patrons with Hearing Impairments

During the annual OC Fair, some of our staff will be able to communicate with you in sign language. Sign language interpreters are scheduled for the 23 days of the Fair, including evenings. If you have a special request for an interpreter, please contact or visit the Guest Relations office at (714) 708-1588. We do not have interpreters for Pacific Amphitheatre unless there is a special request.

Assisted listening devices are available at the Pacific Amphitheatre, The Hangar and Action Sports Arena. The distribution point for devices in the Pacific Amphitheatre is located inside the gates of the venue and directly behind the Box Office at the concert sales booth. In the Action Sports Arena and The Hangar, patrons can borrow equipment by contacting one of our staff located inside the Venue. Patrons will be required to leave their current California State identification as security for the equipment. Please ask any usher in these venues for additional assistance.

Service Animals

Service dogs and service miniature horses are welcome at the OC Fair provided they are on a leash or maintained at all times. Unfortunately, service animals are not permitted to accompany patrons on rides due to safety reasons. A member of your party must remain with the animal at all times.


During the annual OC Fair, parking rates are as follows: $10 for cars, $20 for buses. We will not be offering preferred parking this year. We have parking spaces reserved for our patrons with disabilities in close proximity to all admission gate entrances for easy access. Please display your ID placard in your vehicle’s windshield before parking in any parking space for people with disabilities.

First Aid

During the annual OC Fair, the first aid station is located behind The Hangar across from Public Safety/Guest Relations Office. We have emergency medical technicians on duty at all times. Call (714) 708-1588 for emergencies on-site.


During the annual OC Fair, guest may rent wheelchairs and powered scooters at each admission gate. Cash only at Green and Yellow Gates. Credit Card payment available only at Blue Gate. Equipment can be booked in advance, driver’s license is required and held as deposit. Contact Guest Services for rental information.