Educational Materials

Heroes Hall Museum and Education Center offers tours to school groups, and has developed an instructional guide for educators. 

Heroes Hall Instructional Guide for High Schools

Heroes Hall Instructional Guide for Middle Schools

Heroes Hall Instructional Guide for Upper Elementary

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“Visiting Heroes Hall was an invaluable experience for my students. Upon arriving we were given a welcome and overview of the Medal of Honor Courtyard. Students then freely explored a special exhibit dedicated to American Prisoners of War. The highlight of our visit was our one-on-one Q&A session with three former prisoners of war from WWII and Korea. Each of their experiences were powerful testimony to the reality and humanity of war. Students were also given a guided tour of the SAAAB Story, which highlighted local Orange County history. Overall, it was a powerful experience that gave students a combination of facts and real life experiences of war.” 
– Kate Ball, Sage Hill School, Newport Coast, Calif.

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