Venue Rates

OC Fair & Event Center property rental rates and services

Download a print version of the 2024 rental rates and services sheet

Exhibit Halls

Anaheim Building


Costa Mesa Building


Huntington Beach Building


Los Alamitos Building

$3, 350

OC Promenade

$2, 650

Santa Ana Pavilion

$2, 350

The Hangar

$3, 950

Meeting & Multipurpose Areas

Action Sports Arena


Baja Bar & Grill




Country Meadows




Crafters Village


Festival Fields (Asphalt)


Festival Fields (Grass)


Hangar Bldg. Meeting Room

Upon request

Heroes Hall Courtyard


Main Mall


Millennium Barn


Pacific Amphitheatre


Parking Lots B-I; 1/2 of Lot A

$2,200 each

Park Plaza


Plaza Pacifica


Plaza Pacifica Lobby


Reimbursable Equipment Rates

Excludes Event Personnel Hours


$15 each


Upon request


$20 each

Green Barricades

$15 each

Metal Barricades

$15 each

Picnic Tables (round or rectangle)

$15 each


$25 each

Portable Reader Board

$75 each

Portable Hand Washing Station

$100/150 each

Projector and Screen (Hangar Only) Signage additional cost

$3,300 each/day


$5 each pole

Straw Bales

$5 each

Ticket Booths (double window)

$100 each

Reimbursable Heavy Equipment Rates

Includes Operator




Man Lift


Scissor Lift




Water Truck (includes water)


Sound Equipment

Excludes Event Personnel Hours

Overall Ground System


Portable Public Address System


Public Address System (per building)


Wireless Microphone


Event Personnel

Event Sales & Services:

Onsite Event Coordinator



Admissions Office Lead


Money Room Attendant


Ticket Seller


Ticket Seller Lead


Ticket Taker


Ticket Taker Lead


Event Operations:

Janitorial Attendant


Janitorial Attendant Lead


Grounds Attendant


Grounds Attendant Lead







Parking Attendant


Parking Attendant Lead


Security / Crowd Management:

Safety & Security Attendant


Safety & Security Lead




Usher Lead



Technology Attendant


Electronic Marquee Board Main Gate

7 Consecutive Days


Daily Rate


Reimbursable Service Rates

External Services

Costa Mesa P.D. (Off-Site Traffic Control)

Upon request

OC Sheriffs Dept. (On-Site Law Enforcement)

Upon request

State of California Fire Marshal

Upon request

Event Medical Services

EMT Technicians

Upon request

Sound Monitoring Services

Sound Engineer

Upon request

Marketing Services

On-Site Event Signage Placement

Upon request

Electrical Usage Services

20 Amp Ceiling Drop


20 Amp Circuit


50 Amp Ceiling Drop


50 Amp Circuit


100 Amp Ceiling Drop


100 Amp Circuit


200 Amp Circuit


400 Amp Circuit


Splitter Box


Contact (714) 708 – 1834. Electrical orders submitted less than 14 days prior to the first move-in day will be assessed a 20% late fee per order.

Wi-Fi Internet Services

Web Surfing Only. Credit Card Transactions Not Available.

Daily Connection

Upon request

3 Day Connection

Upon request

7 Day Connection

Upon request

30 Day Connection

Upon request

Overnight Camping

Trailer Rally

$40 per RV

Individual Camping

$45 per RV

(Includes 20AMP electrical drop, requests for extra power will incur additional equipment and personnel costs)