Event Calendar Submission Information and Request Form

The following is information for official promoters of contracted events at OC Fair & Event Center (OCFEC) for promotion on the Event Calendar. To submit your event, fill out the Calendar Posting Request Form.

Who sees my event posting?

OCFEC has thousands of visitors for our numerous events and ocfair.com has become an information source when planning their year. By providing the public the key event information, our visitors can better understand your event and have better success making it to your event gates which starts the whole experience off on a great note. Additionally, potential sponsors, partners, vendors, and media use ocfair.com as a way to research local events.

What other ways will my event posting be used to promote my event at OCFEC?

The public Events Calendar on ocfair.com is promoted and directly linked in our monthly events-specific press release and @The Fair (our quarterly e-newsletter), as well as on all of OC Fair’s social media channels. 

How do I know my event was posted on ocfair.com?

Your Event Coordinator will notify you via email when your event is available for viewing online.

On the form, why do some cells limit how much I can include and why is specific information requested?

There are some limits on the number of allowed characters (includes symbols and spaces) and some requirements on what information is made available to the public so that we can provide consistency and the best information for ocfair.com visitors. Additional information and special promotions should be posted on your event’s own Web site, which can be linked from your event posting on ocfair.com.

Oops, I’ve got corrections or I need to update my event information. What should I do?

If you have corrections or updates after the initial submission, please simply communicate the changes to your Event Coordinator. Do NOT submit a new form unless requested by your Event Coordinator.

Please note: It is at the discretion of the OC Fair & Event Center Administration what events and what event specifics are posted on ocfair.com.

Artwork File Requirements

Please provide your logo and promotional photos in the following format:

JPG/JPEG digital file
72-300 dpi resolution
One (1) file: 1200px wide x 867px tall
Send image file as an email ATTACHMENT (please do not embed/paste into email message) or upload in the form below. Do not include any additional text such as date or location. 

Submitting Your Event

Online Form – Calendar Posting Request