Health & Safety Information

Current Protocols at OC Fair & Event Center

Masks are strongly recommended inside OC Fair buildings.

OC Fair & Event Center has implemented enhanced sanitizing procedures on high-touch areas.

Employees of OC Fair & Event Center have undergone additional health and safety training.

More vendors at the fairgrounds will offer cash-free sales.

OC Fair & Event Center is a GBAC STAR facility

GBAC STAR certifies that facilities are able to demonstrate that correct work practices, procedures and systems are in place to prepare, respond and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.


Restrictions for Mega Events in California, effective April 1, 2022

The California Department of Public Health is updating the general public health requirements and recommendations as follows, effective April 1, 2022. (See update issued March 17, 2022)

Restrictions Applying to Indoor & Outdoor Settings

Definitions of Mega Events

Crowds greater than 1,000 (indoors) attendees
Crowds greater than 10,000 (outdoors) attendees

Vaccine Verification /
Negative Testing

Strongly recommended for Indoor Mega Events
Recommended for Outdoor Mega Events

Capacity Limitations

No restrictions

Physical Distancing

No restrictions for attendees, customers and guests


Follow current CDPH Guidance for Face Coverings


Recommend following CDC recommendations.

– Information from the California Department of Public Health

By purchasing tickets to the annual OC Fair and/or its performances, you agree to follow health protocols in place at the time of the event. Guests attending this event are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while inside OC Fair buildings, regardless of vaccination status.
PLEASE NOTE: Entry requirements are subject to change. As a state agency, OC Fair & Event Center will follow the guidelines in place at the time of the event.


OC Fair & Event Center (OCFEC) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all guests on property, including event tenants, contractors, volunteers and employees, and will use reasonable efforts to implement health and safety-related procedures and protocols. However, due to numerous factors outside of our control, including the uncertainty of availability of personal protective equipment, supplies and materials, ever-evolving governmental orders, directives and guidelines, and the regular dissemination of new public health information, OCFEC makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the implementation of health and safety-related procedures and protocols, all of which are subject to change.

Due to the dynamic nature and rapid evolution of public health emergencies and the responses of governmental officials, conditions on OCFEC property may change more quickly than health and safety-related procedures and protocols can be updated. As a result, you should not rely only on the specific procedures or protocols that are in place at the time of your visit to OCFEC.

While OCFEC looks forward to welcoming everyone to the property, OCFEC sincerely encourages all visitors to closely consider all current local, state and federal guidelines and all available public health information prior to visiting OCFEC.

Official COVID-19 information

Check these agency websites for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 and public health directives.