OC Fair & Event Center Media Policy

Media access requests for the 2023 OC Fair are not yet open. Please check back later.

Please read the policy below before you submit a press credential request

The following outlines the Press/Media Policy for select events at OC Fair & Event Center. For events not listed below, please contact the promoter directly as listed on the Events Calendar.

OC Fair (July 14-Aug. 13, 2023)
Pacific Amphitheatre, The Hangar and Action Sports Arena 
Centennial Farm 
Heroes Hall 

For live broadcast opportunities, please contact the Communications Department directly at (714) 708-1543 or commdept@ocfair.com.

Commercial/Private Photography or Video: Use of OC Fair & Event Center property or its events for a commercial or private location shoot is prohibited without prior consent and arrangements with OC Fair & Event Center. If you are interested in using OC Fair & Event Center as a location for your shoot, please contact Tandem Partnerships.

Press credentials only grant general access to the OC Fair. Pacific Amphitheatre, other ticketed events, or any other areas not open to general admission or the public require a separate credential.
Access will be issued for approved events individually and are subject to criteria established by the artist, artist management and the venue. Approved reviewers for any Pacific Amphitheatre show will receive one (1) seat. Photo credentials for ticketed performances allow the photographer standing access for the first three songs only and require a staff escort. Photo passes do not include a seat to the show. 

Media & press credentials NOT issued by the OC Fair are NOT valid for Fair admission, parking or access.

All persons representing media organizations must submit an official request before access will be granted to the grounds or events. Submission of an official request does not guarantee press/media access. 

Equipment such as tripods (any size), large cameras, microphones, etc. require a media escort while on the OC Fairgrounds, with no exceptions. With limited capacity and staffing, please be aware that media escort scheduling could impact press credential approval. 

Those requesting and receiving press access must adhere to the following:
1. It is at the discretion of the Communications Department to determine if press access will be issued.
2. It is at the discretion of the Communications Department if press/media will need to be escorted by staff while on the property.
3. Press access may only be used to cover OC Fair & Event Center events as a news assignment. Personal use is not allowed.
4. Press access is valid for general Fair admission only.
5. Admission is only valid for the individual who is approved for access by the Communications Department.
6. Organizations requesting access for multiple staff members (such as a reviewer and a photographer) should submit one request and access will be issued to an individual or specific editor. 
7. Press access used for purposes other than than coverage of events or performances at OC Fair & Event Center will be revoked. This includes unauthorized persons using OC Fair-issued credentials.
8. OC Fair & Event Center reserves the right to revoke approved access at any time.
9. A link to coverage of the OC Fair (or other event) resulting from your credential is required.
10. If you are provided press access, you agree to cover the OC Fair as member of the media – not a partner, advertiser or sponsor. 

Press access is only granted to legitimate, accredited broadcast, print and online media on assignment to cover the OC Fair & Event Center or its events. Freelance reporters/photographers must provide the following documentation before access will be considered:
– Valid working press photo identification 
– Proof of assignment from a news organization, such as a letter on letterhead from a news director, editor or similar authority

Please note: Access is given to reporters, writers, editors, videographers and photographers who are working for an accredited news media outlet. Advertising, sales, marketing and administrative staff will not be provided with media access.

Limited access may be granted to approved social media influencers for coverage purposes only. This access will be granted solely at the discretion of OC Fair’s Communications Department. This access does not constitute partnership, advertisement or sponsorship in any way and may be granted for coverage ONLY. Any misrepresentation will result in revoked access this year and in future years. 

The press/media policy for the OC Fair & Event Center and its events is necessary to:
1. Accommodate working press quickly and efficiently.
2. Ensure that working press receive credentials.
3. Protect visitors from being approached by representatives working on commercial projects or unauthorized persons who present themselves as journalists to the public.
4. Assist Fair personnel in identifying reporters cleared for access and press privileges.

Requests for media access must be submitted at least 48 hours before any requested date or special event. 

By submitting a media credential request, you are hereby agreeing to all of the above.

Submit a media credential request.

Thank you for your interest in covering OC Fair & Event Center!