Press Release


Costa Mesa, Calif. (Feb. 17, 2009) – The OC Fair & Event Center (OCFEC) is upgrading the property and making the transition to a diverse and versatile entertainment destination as a part of an aggressive three-year, $25 million capitol investment plan, which includes new buildings, renovated facilities and restructuring of public areas on the 150-acre property.

The current phase of facility improvements includes a 31,000-square-foot exhibit hall with an aviation hanger design concept; renovation of the Main Mall; construction of a breezeway between Buildings 14 and 16; relocation and construction of a new Administration building; backstage improvements in Pacific Amphitheatre; a commercial kitchen for food service; a corporation yard for storage and facility upgrades; and an educational feature exhibit called Al’s Brain, slated to premiere at 2009 OC Super Fair.

Since June 2008, the backstage improvements at Pacific Amphitheatre and the corporation yard have been completed. By this summer, OCFEC is slated to complete construction of the hangar building, breezeway, and a new Administration building, in addition to the demolition of the current Administration building and several facility upgrades. Here is a breakdown of some of the major projects:

Hangar Building – The $8 million, 31,000-square-foot new exhibit hall will house the first-ever “Al’s Brain” educational feature adventure in 2009.
Breezeway – The $3.5 million outdoor, shaded exhibit space will create a cohesive feel at the heart of the fairgrounds.
Administration Building (new and old) – A new Administration building being built on the property’s perimeter will open some 8,000 square feet at the property’s core for commercial and exhibit space.