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The secret to saving money on food at the OC Fair this summer

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Aug. 8, 2022) – From the bloomin’ onion to a huge funnel cake, there are tons of shareable options at the OC Fair. The secret to saving money on Fair food is to bring your friends and split the bill so you can try a few different things! 

Conquer Ten Pound Buns! This delicious and savory choice comes with enough slices to share. The European is pictured and is a Fair favorite, and new this year is the Flamin Hot Cheeto Ten Pound Bun, and the OC Deluxe Avocado. Pro tip: Ten Pound Buns also offers a take-home option! Where: Main Mall. How much: $10.25 or $2.55 each split four ways Chicken Charlie’s fried zucchini comes in such a portion that it can be easily shared among four people! Piled high and mixed with the perfect combination of veggie and fried food, this shareable can satisfy anyone’s craving for Fair food. Where: Near Plaza Pacific and in Main Mall How much: $11 or $2.75 each split four ways Australian Battered Potatoes are a Fair delicacy! Thinly sliced fried potatoes topped with ranch, cheese and other toppings of your choice are large enough portions to share! Pro tip: add a bit of chicken salt to the top of your potatoes for the true Aussie experience!  Where: Between Kid Land and The Hangar How much: $12.50 or $3.15 each split four ways It’s french fries! No, it’s nachos! Wait, it’s …tater tots? That’s right! The Tater Bar offers loaded tater tots (pictured here) that come with sour cream, chives, cheese and bacon! They have other options like regular tater tots or loaded tots with various meat toppings! Where: Main Mall How much: Loaded tots are $9.30 or $2.35 each split four ways There is not one appetizer that unites and tears a group apart like the Bloomin’ Onion. Its iconic shape and pairing with a wonderful dip will have groups rushing to Fresh Frys so they can have one for themselves. Fresh Frys is the only establishment on the Fairgrounds where you can purchase a Bloomin’ Onion.Where: Between Kid Land and The Hangar How much: $12.10 or $3 each split four ways Fried food not your group’s style? Try Bangin’ Berries! They offer assortments of different chocolate-dipped sweets and strawberries that can be split among your friends!Where: Between Crafters Village and Centennial Farm How much: $19.50 or $4.90 each split four ways We have two locations for friends and families to share a spectacular cinnamon roll! Pictured is the Caramel Crunch Cinnamon Roll only at Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls. Where: Yellow Gate end of the Sky Ride How much: $11.15 or $2.80 each split four ways Bonus: Yummy cinnamon rolls are also available at JP’s Old West Cinnamon Rolls inside the Carnival of Products. Both stands offer take-home options! The famous Cathy’s Cookies sells buckets brimming with fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies perfect for groups to share. The gooey and irresistible taste of these cookies are something you won’t want to miss. Try Mom’s Bakeshoppe’s bucket of cookies and decide which is your group’s favorite! Where: Cathy’s is at Plaza Pacifica, Mom’s is inside Festival of Products How much: $27/$25 or $6.75/$6.25 split four ways Mountain-high funnel cakes with your choice of various toppings and, of course, whipped cream are perfect to share with your family and friends! We’ve got multiple locations for you to choose from to get this classic Fair-time treat. Where: There are funnel cake booths in Plaza Pacifica, near La Grande Wheel XL in the Carnival, and in Main Mall at the Lazy Toucan How much: “The Works” at Lazy Toucan is $18 or $4.50 each split four ways