Public Meetings

Please note: Security measures, including magnetometers and bag checks, will now be in place at all board meetings to help ensure public safety.

OC Fair Board meetings are now being video streamed and can be viewed on the OC Fair Public Meetings page. After board meetings are adjourned, the video recordings will be available on the OC Fair Public Meetings page.

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Meetings of the Board of Directors are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month in the Orange County Conference Room in the Administation Building at OCFEC, unless otherwise noted.

Public Comment - Speakers wishing to address the Board are requested to sign in prior to the start of the meeting and identify the agenda item[s] on which you desire to address the Board. Speakers are limited to three minutes. Comments will be accepted on Agenda items during the meeting.

Public comment is allowed on issues NOT on the current Agenda. However, no debate by the Board shall be permitted on such public comments, and no action will be taken on such public comment items at this time, as law requires formal public notice prior to any action on a docket item.

Bylaws and Governing Policy