Master Site Plan

OC Fair & Event Center Master Site Plan update

At its April 26 meeting, the OC Fair & Event Center Board of Directors reviewed a draft master site plan concept from CH Johnson Consulting and heard input from the public. At the conclusion of the meeting the board voted to table the matter, choosing to slow the process to allow for further study and input.

Next steps include the board continuing the dialog with representatives from the fairgrounds’ equestrian center about future plans for horse facilities and how to more closely integrate equestrian uses into the property. The board will also review cost projections and financing options, delve into assessments of existing buildings, determine additional uses of the fairgrounds for educational purposes and consider the potential use of green technologies.

The board discussed taking time to work through the best plan and future options, rather than moving forward with the current plan as presented. When further plans and direction have been communicated by the board, meetings will be slated for the full board and the public.

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    * A note about cost estimates from the Master Site Plan consulting team: “A rough order of magnitude cost assessment is an assessment based on generalized area take offs and anticipated construction costs for similar facilities. It establishes the anticipated cost for demolition, site preparation, new construction and site improvements including utility and infrastructure upgrades. It should be noted that none of these facilities are engineered, therefore cost can vary. Therefore it should be considered a generalized order of magnitude. In addition to the base cost, the methodology assumes a design-bid-build, single-prime contractor delivery method, and includes the costs associated with overhead, profit, general conditions, as well as a design contingency that is consistent with industry practices for this level of project definition.”

Master Site Plan process continues

At a public workshop held during the Sept. 28, 2017, OC Fair & Event Center Board of Directors meeting, three Master Site Plan concepts were presented and the Board provided feedback and direction to the MSP committee and staff.

The committee and staff were asked to review all elements of the plan and determine what was not feasible and what would require improvements or changes. There were also questions that the committee and staff were asked to answer.

The MSP committee, consultants and staff have been working to prepare a revised draft concept for the board to review at a public workshop during the April 26, 2018, Board of Directors meeting.

The board will be providing direction on the MSP concept. Once the concept has been approved by the Board of Directors, OCFEC will be hosting a public meeting to share the final MSP concept.

The staff has also been instructed by the committee to write and release a request for proposal for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) consultant that will take the approved draft concept forward through this process.

OC Fair & Event Center continues to seek public input on the Master Site Plan, our roadmap for the future. Please fill out the public input form below. For more information, read the Master Site Plan FAQ.

Join in the dialog that will shape one of Orange County’s most important public assets 

OC Fair & Event Center is working on the development of a 10-year Master Site Plan. We value all our communities and neighbors and want your input. We have completed our stakeholder meeting process and workshops. We have met with:

For more information, read the Master Site Plan FAQ.

The public can also provide input to us directly through this form: