Wednesday, July 21, 2021 (9:54 am)

Is there vegetarian food at the OC Fair? You bet!

We know the OC Fair is known for its crazy food, but fairgoers might not know there are plenty of healthier options to choose from. There are even amazing food choices for vegetarians!
For a popular vegetarian option, go to Ten Pound Buns for a delicious avocado toast. Or try the original version with cheese or The King – based on Elvis’ favorite sandwich, it’s got peanut butter, bananas and honey.
At the classic Hot Dog on a Stick, go for a vegetarian corn dog or even two types of cheese on a stick. Tip: The lemonade is also great.
If you prefer food with even more pizzazz, mosey on down to the main carnival area for Hot Cheeto-n-Cheese Pickles at Biggys or a Watermelon Taco with Tajin at the Dole Soft Serve stand next to the Euroslide.
The grills are fired up at the OC Fair and there are plenty of fresh veggies being cooked up throughout the fairgrounds.
There are more fried veggie options, such as zucchini curls, at the Chicken Charlie’s locations where fried hummus, pickles and pineapple are also on the menu.
There are no shortage of potato options at the OC Fair. New this year is The Tater Bar located in the Main Mall area where you can choose an array of toppings. The signature Tasti Chips also come with lots of terrific topping options including garlic parmesan or even plain with a side of ketchup.
At Fresh Frys, there are classic choices or crazier ones, and you can always opt for the giant blooming onion, which is great for sharing. (Visitors can also look for the cinnamon sugar yammies while there.) For even more spuds, check out Australian Battered Potatoes for their popular potato slices with many choices of add-ons to make it your own. Baked potatoes are available too.
If you prefer corn, and like it roasted, the OC Fair is the place to be! At Bob’s Corn, you can find elote as well as the standard cob or cut into a cup. The veggie kabobs here get great reviews and baked potatoes are available there too.
Crazy Nachos offer a meatless version and veggie tacos are available at Noel’s (avocado tacos and quesadillas are here too) and Pepe’s Mariscos, where veggie burritos are also for sale.
Going Italian will work for vegetarians as well with pizza being served at Gino’s Pizza and Pignotti’s Pasta, which also has, of course, pasta. At Pignotti’s Gourmet Snacks in the Wine Courtyard, there are vegetable and cheese plates available.
At Eddie’s Asian Inspired Cuisine there is vegetable tempura, chow mein, veggie rice and more meatless choices.
Terri’s Berries has plenty of fresh choices including fruit cups and bowls – some also include cucumber – smoothies, chocolate-dipped apples and strawberries and juices. There are even fancy fairy-dusted lemonades!
And the apples! There are abundant choices if you like your apples dipped in chocolate, drizzled in caramel or candied with lots of choices at Terri’s Berries in addition to many locations throughout the fairgrounds.
Grab your healthy buddies, get your tickets online in advance, and head to the OC Fair for a one-of-a-kind foodie experience.
There is an abundance of sweet treats that will satisfy vegetarians and others looking for a snack. Dole Soft Serve, doughnuts, cotton candy, churros, shave ice, kettle corn, funnel cakes, cinnamon rolls and cookies are all plentiful.
Please note: Although ingredients may be vegetarian or vegan, food may be prepared on surfaces where non-vegetarian items are cooked. Customers should inquire at food stands if they have dietary restrictions or concerns.