Friday, April 10, 2020 (9:49 am)

News about OC Fair & Event Center use for emergency relief during pandemic

OC Fair & Event Center leadership is in communication with state, county and city agencies regarding the use of the fairgrounds for emergency purposes during the coronavirus pandemic.

We have received an updated notice that 10 temporary trailers will be delivered today, April 10, to the corner of parking lot G, nearest Gate 10, for potential emergency housing. These trailers were requested by the City of Costa Mesa from the State of California to assist with housing if needed for unsheltered residents who may have risk factors that make them vulnerable to COVID-19. It is not yet known if or when the trailers will be utilized for this purpose. The trailers will be placed in a secured area.

Also, three buildings in the Main Mall area of the fairgrounds are being considered for emergency medical use. The Orange County Health Care Agency has assessed the property and is considering it to assist with hospital overflow. Details about how the facilities will be utilized and who will occupy them is not yet known. If the buildings are put into use, the area will be secured. The timetable is also in the works as coordination continues.

“Fairgrounds all over the state are being called into service to assist their communities and we are happy to do our part in helping Orange County through this pandemic,” said Michele Richards, OC Fair & Event Center CEO.

Thank you for your continued support as it is determined how the fairgrounds will be used to assist our community during this unprecedented crisis.