Wednesday, May 11, 2016 (6:45 pm)

Show us your farmer side!


Every year during the OC Fair, we host a nightly show in Main Mall and at The Hangar.

This year, that show can include photos of YOU!

During the 2018 OC Fair, our Main Mall show will highlight our theme, “Free Your Inner Farmer.” To be included, share photos of you, friends and family freeing your inner farmer by doing things like working in the garden, planting crops, cooking your harvest, working with farm animals, or even just mowing the front lawn! 

Here’s how to submit:

Facebook: Tag OC Fair and use #freeyourinnerfarmer

Instagram: Tag @oc_fair and use #freeyourinnerfarmer

Twitter: Mention @ocfair and use #freeyourinnerfarmer

Snapchat: Send a snap to @ocfair

Sharing through social media requires us to be able to see the photo, so make sure your privacy settings are set to public. 

OR, submit online: Go to and upload your photo. From, email to, and make sure to include your name, the city in which you live, and a description of your image. Please do not directly email your image to the address mentioned as we cannot guarantee receipt through our spam filter. 

The fine print: Photos and videos shared with us should be highest resolution possible. By  submitting a photo via any of the instructions above, you are giving OC Fair & Event Center permission to use the image in the nightly show and in any related marketing efforts. Submitting a photo does not guarantee inclusion in the nightly show.