Friday, December 16, 2022 (11:47 am)

OC Fair Board revises committee assignments

At its December 2022 meeting, the OC Fair Board of Directors revised its committee membership.

Leadership Committee
• Chair Pham, Vice Chair Kovacevich 
This committee provides executive support to the Board and acts on behalf of the full Board during emergency situations.
• Consult with CEO
• Develop Board meeting agendas
• Address Board issues
• Conduct annual safety/security meeting
• Initiate strategic planning
• Complete the strategic planning process and provide ongoing monitoring

Financial Monitoring and Audit Committee
• Vice Chair Kovacevich and Director Bagneris
This committee monitors the organization’s financial position and ensures financial controls are in place.
• Monthly financial oversight
• Annual budget review
• Annual audit process
• Participate in the scoring process for key RFPs, including for carnival services

Facilities Committee
• Director Ruiz and Director La Belle
This committee reviews buildings and grounds related projects and issues and recommends site planning direction
• Construction projects
• Capital expenditures
• Master site planning

Governance Committee
• Director Cervantes and Director Rubalcava-Garcia
This committee ensures compliance with all Board policies and regulatory requirements
• Policy updates
• Bagley-Keene open meeting compliance
• Annual form 700 reporting
• Annual required Board training

Community Affairs Committee
• Chair Pham, Director Bagneris 
This committee oversees the Board’s relationship with the community
• Diversity, equity and inclusion
• Community engagement
• Relationships with local, county and state officials

Entertainment and Business Development Committee 
• Director Rubalcava-Garcia, Director Cervantes
This committee, in coordination with staff, evaluates opportunities at all District entertainment venues and pursues business development opportunities
• Pacific Amphitheatre programming enhancement opportunities
• Hangar and Action Sports Arena programming enhancement opportunities
• Development of year-round and fairtime business opportunities
• Utilizing Board contacts and relationships for sponsorship and new event sales opportunities